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Your Home Is Your Sanctuary™

With everything you do to make your home luxurious and comfortable, the truest luxury is peace of mind. The FBS Sanctuary™ offers the supreme comfort of security, in your most personal space, without compromising your home’s beauty and style.

FBS’s state-of-the-art protection systems – invisible to the eye – seamlessly transform any room into a safe haven, with impenetrable doors and windows handcrafted exclusively in Italy to your specifications. No more unsightly, industrial-looking hardware or metal casings. With FBS’s astounding selection of materials, armored doors and windows are custom-made to complement any décor, while providing you and your loved ones an unsurpassed level of security.

Don’t Panic

The old notion of rushing into a cramped, windowless “panic room” as a means of protection from intruders is impractical … and unrealistic. The expert engineers and artisans at FBS work with architects, designers, and builders to retrofit any existing room into a technologically secured Sanctuary™. The doors, windows, walls, floors, and ceilings of an FBS Sanctuary™ are built to withstand break-ins, firearms, and even hurricanes. Not only will it be the safest room in your home, it will be among the most comfortable.

Trusted Expertise

For over 20 years, FBS has served as a premier expert in protection the world over, having worked with government agencies in Europe and the United States. From strategic consulting to design and implementation, FBS has secured numerous public structures and private residences for clients who demand the very best.

Safety Certifications

FBS products have been certified by German security experts in the following fields:

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About FBS

FBS is synonymous with strength, security and harmonious design. The artisan approach of the company, its production flexibility, the use of top quality raw materials, and application of the latest technology has earned FBS products a position at the top of the security sector.


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