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A Wealth of Possibilities

Whether you are retrofitting a centuries-old chateau or safeguarding a chic, streamlined modern home, FBS’s highly advanced security doors will blend seamlessly into your architecture and interiors. With more than 150 different material types to choose from, the design options and combinations are virtually endless … we’ve even built doors with strips of Swarovski crystals. Every FBS door, in any motif, is built with your safety in mind. Here are some ideas to contemplate – contact FBS to learn more about our custom-designed builds.


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Bring warmth to your room with solid wood panels milled and finished to your specifications, wrapped around the reliable protection of an FBS armored door. For a seamless fit in older or historic spaces, our skilled artisans can source reclaimed timber, restoring the antique wood to fit with your surroundings.


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Solidity meets sophistication in FBS’s glass-encased armored interior doors. The glass sheets can be painted in any of an array of colors, providing a sleek and elegantly contemporary accent to your room’s décor when paired with the rugged steel core.

Natural Stone

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Slabs of marble, granite, onyx, and more can bring nuanced texture and earthiness to your secure room, making a visual impression as sturdy as the door itself. The stone inherently reduces noise, and backlighting is available upon request.


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The sumptuous patina of genuine leather is the ultimate luxury, exuding a lush and tactile charm. The hand-sewn hide can be tufted or embossed to add depth and atmosphere to your FBS Sanctuary™ and environs.


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Durable and easy to maintain in all sorts of weather, stainless steel or aluminum panels and inserts offer a clean and modern aesthetic. Metal doors are built to last and resist warping, and are available in a variety of finishes, such as smooth, textured, glossy, painted, or wood effect.


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Our resilient resin panels offer the utmost flexibility in decorative options, as assorted materials are soaked in polymers and finished with various effects, among them shimmer and cloud. Wood-embedded resin, for instance, offers the warm hue of wood without any of the maintenance.

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FBS is synonymous with strength, security and harmonious design. The artisan approach of the company, its production flexibility, the use of top quality raw materials, and application of the latest technology has earned FBS products a position at the top of the security sector.


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